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Day 26 (28)

Transmission to Earth to be recorded tomorrow after dinner. Internal — research progress reports and vitals.
JCMD Okeke

Figured we could condense the dates. Pinned Rangi's compliment because it's very nice. For those who showed to poker last night, thank you! We can make it a regular event if you all are interested. Farha said she brought Catan and will be hosting a game in the mess after dinner today, and Said said they're organizing a game tournament for our next break day (29).

Also, yes, I do have an RNG on my nerd drive. And character sheet templates for multiple different TTRPGs, including one I designed myself! If anybody is interested... :^)

Also... has anyone seen my sunflower seed butter?

- Pipkin

Day 24 (relative), Day 25 (Earth)

Can we get a quotes block or something? We need to preserve these gems.

  • Said: Farha, with our powers combined, you can lose.
  • Pip: How is a snowball born at the equator?
    ⠀Rangi: I don't even know how to answer that question. By the grace of god?

There would be more but I've forgotten...
= sodbaatar =

I think first names are appropriate for this platform, with surnames used for signing entries. I would much prefer to speak with you all in person, but I will certainly stay up to date with this. Good suggestion from Arisa, and Roz's implementation is great.
CDR Smollett

i agree with Rangi (are we allowed to use first names here?), this is so COOL! and also can we add some sort of regular group activity? i used to play tabletop a lot, and i think Said said (!) they did too. there's probably a RNG on pip's nerd drive somewhere, right? um also i may be able to do something about a little live stats thing, but Rangi and i'd have to put our heads together to integrate it into this thing.

Day 23 (relative), Day 24 (Earth)

PIP! This seriously rocks. What. Wow. I definitely have some ideas for tweaks and all that but honestly it looks great as-is. And the terminals add a kinda ~retro vibe~ (like we need any more of that around) even if the distortion sorta makes me feel like I'm standing in a kaleidoscope. But those green buttons at the bottom right corners of the screens recalibrate them long enough to get a good look, thank goodness. Man. MAN. I'm gonna list out those ideas we were all throwing around earlier so we don't forget:

  • planning events
    • karaoke night
    • game night
    • day night (turn all the lights on)
    • night night (turn all the lights off)
    • movie night (please don't make us watch any Math Raymond or whatever his name is)
  • PC countdown!
  • live stats (if said feels like linking those up tho Ansari can probably help?)
  • research updates/supplemental materials
  • lost and found

Pip, you're a star!! *

NOTE: we have decided by quorum NOT to completely "clear off the fridge" wish we could clear OUT the fridge tho am i rite fellas? and to keep an archive of memos below the current memo box... Why we don't just keep them all in one box is beyond me, but the group has spoken.
- Pipkin

it has come to my attention that we've reached a sufficient level of time dilation that we are now approximately 29 hours 'ahead' of Earth. i updated the date accordingly. today's diagnostics came back normal: thrust and acceleration are consistent; we have reached nearly 7% of light speed and are on track to hit our acceleration target on schedule ±8hr (rel). i had an interesting conversation with Ansari today about funerals; i would suggest anybody interested in funerary customs or musings on the afterlife speak with her. also, i know i mentioned it at lunch, but my game collection is for all of us. please feel free to play them on the terminals or borrow my handheld console.

this is interesting. thanks for making it, pipkin. this is yoon. given my role, i thought this color fit nicely. what should i write here? i should be sleeping but i woke up early and restless, so i did some pushups. my arms are shaking a little as i type this. ... i thought i had more to say. the beans have begun to germinate. they look great.

  :===++. ::::.
        - .=======:

did that work? it should be a little bean sapling in ascii. i found an ascii art generator on the network. i assume it's pipkin's. i'm getting sleepy again, now, so i'll sign off. if anybody has seen my pen, please let me know. i remember using it in the greenhouse but i think i used it to take notes during dinner. thank you.

Testing, testing. I think this thing is working. Roz Pipkin here, navigator on the ISS Hermes. (Oh, neat, those tags work.) And my brother always gave me shit for being into old tech! Looks like it's come in handy — apparently the linked terminals on this vessel can host a local server and some pages with good old-fashioned CSS and HTML. I'm pretty rusty on scripting, though... Williams, if you read this, make any improvements you see fit.

Right. The Hermes. We're a spacefaring vessel from Earth, on a near-light-speed (if you call 37% "near") manned expedition to Proxima Centauri. We (as a species) have sent a couple unmanned missions, though not enough if you ask me. But with the situation back at home getting more dire, world governments were itching to send real people out there to see if Proxima b is Earth-like enough for a colony. Mars is... fine, for now. I assume it hasn't imploded in the three weeks we've been away, but it's not sustainable (you know I'm right, Ansari).

We are 23 days into our 132-day acceleration cycle. After that, we'll stay up for another 30 days to set up in the Big Top (the rotating forward section of the Hermes) before the Big Sleep. Everything is very big out here in space, you know. I'll be waking up every 6 months to ensure we're on course, and the computer will wake me if anything happens in the meantime. Kamarov and Williams are running some experiments that'll have them up more often, and Yoon will have to tend the plants. At least one of the psychologists has to attend every waking, so Mizuno and Battista will be awake the most, I suspect, alongside Smollett and Okeke. Glad I'm not in charge. I think Sodbaatar and Said will be up and about, too, doing rounds to make sure cryo and other systems don't fail. Enjoy your snooze, Chen and Ansari, 'cause once we land, you'll be on your feet just like the rest of us! (Wait, I'm sleeping a lot, too... Lucky me.)

Mizuno, I hope this is sort of what you had in mind for a teambuilding activity. It can be like a group blog or something, memos on the fridge minus the fridge. It's editable by all of us, so you can add entries or even different sections if you want. If anyone has ideas for features or functionality put it in the "suggestions" "memo" div.

- Pipkin


Transmission to Earth to be recorded tomorrow (27) after dinner. Internal — research progress reports and vitals. JCMD Okeke
Missing: sunflower seed butter. Last seen 26 breakfast in kitchen. - Pipkin


found and fixed a small breach in bathroom 2a pipes. -ansari
missing: yoon's pen. last seen in greenhouse, afternoon of day 22. @said, the orange is nice found. it was under my desk. thank you to those who helped me look. ~ɩ~ (sapling)
not to nitpick, but this div is actually "memo." —said (is orange a good color? does it scream "tinker"??)
I think this is an excellent idea, Pipkin. The rest of the crew will enjoy this forum as an alternative to face-to-face communication in these close quarters we share. I look forward to seeing this endeavor grow and develop. ~Mizuno